7 Ways To Make First Sex An Awesome Experience

7 Ways To Make First Sex An Awesome Experience

You are probably reading this because you are about to lose your virginity. Well, you’re on the right place. The more you know about what might happen during your first time, the better it will be.

But before you jump right into the cold waters, it can be a really good idea to prepare your body and mind. So here are some tips to have an awesome first time sex;

Prepare Your Mind

Does first time sex hurt? This is probably the first question that comes into your mind. Well, sex for the first time shouldn’t hurt too much as long you are prepared, relaxed and lubricated. What causes pain to some girls is when they are so anxious that their vaginal muscles clench up. What about all the blood? Yes, girls can bleed when their hymen breaks, but it’s not like a fountain of blood or so. Some don’t bleed at all because lots of girls break their hymen way before their first time such as during sports and some are even born without one.

A lot of boys don’t stay hard during their first times. If it happens to you, just know you’re not alone. Don’t put too much thought into it or feel embarrassed. It will come back naturally.

Make Love With An Awesome Person

Sex is something really special and an intense exchange of information on every level. Your mind and body can store all of these things and they somehow make you YOU. So if you want to become an awesome person, make love to an awesome person. This person should respect you, admire you and is concerned about your feelings.

Get To Know Your Body

If you want to be ahead of your game for your first time, explore your body. The best way to do so is with self pleasure or masturbation. Relax and allow yourself to spend some time exploring your body and your erogenous zones.

Think About Your Sexual Health

Birth control is a huge topic. If you don’t want to make a baby right at your first time, then you better know about all the available options of contraception. And the same goes for sexual health.

Find A Private Place

The best place is where you both feel safe and undistracted. Privacy really is very important. If you want to make it even better, switch off your phone, dim the light and set a warm and romantic room. You will feel even more confident in bed when you are freshly showered with your favorite oil and scents. So in other words, do whatever it takes to make you feel awesome and confident.

Take It Slowly

Whatever you plan to do, don’t rush it, move slowly and connect with your partner. Not just does it make sex so much better, but it’s also important because girls usually need much more time to get fully aroused than boys. And before a girl is not fully aroused, she should not have anyone enter her. Otherwise, it can lead to tearing off the vaginal skin and could possibly leave an emotional wound. So before any penetration, explore each other.

Talk About It

As long as your partner is not a clairvoyant or so, it’s so important to talk. If you want to have an awesome sex, you have to talk and say what you like and what you don’t like. Try not to do anything without your partner’s consent.

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