What To Do If Your Partner Isn't Into Oral Sex

What To Do If Your Partner Isn’t Into Oral Sex

What to do if your partner doesn’t enjoy it when you perform oral sex on them? For people who don’t have this problem, they often go “What? Who wouldn’t want oral sex?” But if you’re one of those people who has a partner that doesn’t enjoy it when you perform oral sex on them, you can feel lost at sea.

Oral sex can be so much fun if both of you are enjoying it. But if one of you isn’t interested or not comfortable in partaking, that can be a huge problem in your relationship. However, there are a lot of good reasons why people don’t enjoy oral sex being performed on them. Consider these three quick tips to make sure that you can turn them around;

Improve Your Skills

Confront the possibility that maybe you’re just not good at oral sex. Maybe, you went down on your partner a couple of times and they seem not enjoying what you’re doing. In which case, your first best step is polish up your skills and learn how to be better at giving oral sex. Being expert at giving oral sex goes a long way both in giving your partner pleasure which is going to inspire them to want more and give you the confidence to know that it’s going to be good for them and your confidence will put them more at ease.

Give Your Partner Constant Reassurance

The second factor is their genitals and whatever shame they have around them. Even if they don’t tell you that this is the reason, they may have so much shame that they can’t even say it out loud. In general, humans don’t feel fantastic about their sexual equipment. Some are extremely proud, but for the most part, more than half of people have some issue around this. So, giving them constant reassurance around this in the form of authentic positive feedback like appreciating how beautiful their cock or pussy is or how amazing their body is. The thing that makes this work is not just its positive feedback but also because it’s authentic the moment you’re feeling it in your body. The more you see and get close to and touch their genitals, the more they feel aroused and begin to associate that with sexual arousal.

Use Your Tongue

There’s the third factor which is they’re being turned on by the possibilities of your mouth that has to do with building fantasy around your lips and tongue by performing oral sex on other parts of their body. This could be their neck, which is a great spot or the crux of their arm. While making love, let them know through noises and dirty talks. Use your tongue on other places in their body and get them aroused that way. Introduce them the possibilities and then slowly work them into a frenzy of arousal.

Making your partner to love oral sex is a patient process. Anytime you push, they may dig their heels in. You need to be patient, spring your trap and wait until their level of arousal is in the right place.

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